ERIE REU Faculty

Please note that all faculty may not be participating each summer. Refer to the application for that summer's choices.

Participant Areas of specialization Department
Alan Rabideau (PI) Groundwater remediation and modeling CSEE
Sarah Delavan (Co-PI) Environmental fluid mechanics CSEE
Diana Aga Environmental chemistry, organic pollutants chemistry Chemistry
Richelle Allen-King Hydrogeochemistry Geology
John Atkinson Air pollution control CSEE
Joseph Atkinson Water quality modeling CSEE
Sean Bennett Sediment and watershed processes Geography
Ning Dai Organic nitrogen chemistry CSEE
James Jensen Sustainable drinking water CSEE
Christopher Lowry Surface water and groundwater interactions Geology
D. Scott Mackay Ecohydrology


Amy McMillan Population and conservation genetics Biology (BSC)
Marina Tsianou Polymers, surfactants, biomaterials CBE


REU 2010 Alum

REU 2011 Alum

REU 2012 Alum

REU 2013 Alum

REU 2014 Alum

ERIE REU Program Staff

Amy Bartlett, ERIE Program Coordinator

University at Buffalo