Class of 2010

Lisa Andresky
Mentor: Dr. Tracy Bank
Project: "Mineralogy and Trace Element Chemistry of the Marcellus Shale"
Home University: Slippery Rock University

David Clarke
Mentor: Dr. Igor Jankovic
Project: "Computational Modeling and Borden Field Work: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Groundwater Remediation Focusing on Sorption and Permeability"
Home University: University at Buffalo

Nicolas Conwall
Mentor: Dr. Kelly Frothingham
Project: "Investigating Hydraulic Geometry Relationships of Streams with in Niagara County, N.Y. as a Means of Implementing Restoration Design Possibilities for Cayuga Creek"
Home University: SUNY Buffalo State College

Attilah Edges
Mentor: Dr. Diana Aga
Project: "Antibiotics in Food Samples due to Environmental Contamination: Development of a New Sample Preparation Strategy"
Home University: Alcorn State University

Mary Freiss
Mentor: Dr. Scott Mackay
Project: "Modeling Plant Hydraulic Strategies Under Drought Conditions in a Northern Hardwoods Forest"
Home University: SUNY Stony Brook

Caitlin Hackett
Mentor: Dr. Joseph Atkinson
Project: "Assessing Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities as Indicators of Stream Health"
Home University: Canisius College

Jaclyn Hoffman
Mentor: Dr. Joseph Atkinson
Project: "Analyzing Water Quality Differences between Features and across Cross Sections of Elton Creek"
Home University: SUNY Fredonia

William Seychew
Mentor: Dr. Sean Bennett
Project: "Hydraulic Cover Stones: Understanding Stream Restoration Techniques"
Home University: University at Buffalo

Kieran C. Siao
Mentor: Dr. David Blersch
Project: "Assessing the Viability of Regional Algae for an Engineered Algae Cultivator for Nutrient Scrubbing"
Home University: SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Denaris Williams
Mentor: Dr. Mary Bisson
Project: "Uptake of Cd-containing Quantum Dots by Plants"
Home University: Alcorn State University

Allyson Zurawski
Mentor: Dr. Alan Rabideau
Project: "Evaluation of Water Quality in Western New York Stream Restoration Projects"
Home University: University at Buffalo

University at Buffalo