Our 2012 REU Family

Richard Alcala
Mentors: Dr. Sean Bennett and Sarah Whiteway
Project: “Redesign of Stream Meanders Resulting in a Dynamically Stable Channel”
Home University: California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Elliot Alexander
Mentors: Dr. Alan Rabideau and Neil Patterson, Jr. (Tuscarora Environmental Program)
Project: “A Holistic Examination of the Tuscarora Nation Wetland”
Home University: SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Aubrey Beckinghausen
Mentors: Dr. Joseph Atkinson and Dr. David Blersch
Project: Better Beach Monitoring: Human vs. Machine Perception of Nature and the Effect of Cladophora on Escherichia coli at Beaver Island Beach, New York
Home University: University at Buffalo

Logan Brunner
Mentor: Dr. Alan Rabideau and Colleen Bronner
Project: Evaluation of Phytoremediation Effects on Groundwater at a Contaminated Gravel Pit Site in Machias, NY
Home University: John Hopkins University

Peter Byrley
Mentor: Dr. David Blersch
Project: Initial Testing of a Floating Algae Cultivator for Water Pollution Control and Biomass Production
Home University: University at Buffalo

J. Oliver Haugland
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Lowry and Jonathan Malzone
Project: Mapping Stream Subsurface Heterogeneity using Ground Penetrating Radar in Glacially   Dominated Streams
Home University: Marquette University

Meghan Heintz
Mentor: Dr. James Jensen
Project: Jatropha curcas Seed as a Coagulant for Sustainable Drinking Water
Home University: Humboldt State University

Eileen Oelhaf (not pictured)
Mentor: Dr. Nan Crystal Arens (Hobart & William Smith Colleges)
Project: “Community Involvement in Ecological Restoration: Riparian Buffers in Ontario County, NY”
Home University: Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Lee Joan Villafuerte
Mentor: Dr. Marina Tsianou
Project: Evaluation of Dispersant Effectiveness for Oil Spills
Home University: Worcester Polytech University

University at Buffalo