Our 2013 REU Family

Anthony Brais
Mentor:  Dr. Sarah Delavan
Project: Fish Passage Implications of Laboratory Experiments in a Rectangular Channel with Slotted-Weir Baffles
Home University: University at Buffalo

Jessica Lee
Mentors: Dr. Diana Aga and Joshua Wallace
Project: Method Development for the Assessment of Waste Treatment Systems in Removing Estrogens from Dairy Manure
Home University: University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Victoria Liberty
Mentor: Dr. James Jensen
Project: Ceramic Water Filters: Water Treatment in Developing Countries
Home University: University at Buffalo

Hannah Matthews
Mentors: Dr. Alan Rabideau and Jingqi Sui
Project: Progress Report for the Machias Gravel Pit Site Phytoremediation Project
Home University: University of Vermont

Andres Benitez Ospina
Mentors: Dr. Christopher Lowry and Jonathan Malzone
Project: Re-thinking Tracer Tests to Analyze Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions along Third Order Streams
Home University: Humboldt State University

Aaron Perez
Mentors: Dr. Sarah Delavan and Isabel Porto Hannes
Project: Freshwater Mussel (family Unionidae) Contributions to Near Bed Turbulence
Home University: Humboldt State University

Melissa Reardon
Mentors: Dr. Sean Bennett and Sarah Whiteway
Project: Determining Discharge in Ungauged Restored Streams in the Greater Toronto Area
Home University: University of Virginia

Paul Reed
Mentor: Dr. Berat Haznedaroglu
Project: Testing Biological Control Methods against Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Forming Species: Microcystis aeruginosa, Rhodomonas salina and Aureoumbra lagunensis

University at Buffalo