2015 ERIE-REU Projects*

*Please note that projects are subject to change 
and may not all be offered upon finalization of the program.

Refer to the REU People page for links to faculty websites for
information on individual faculty mentors research interests. 

Ecosystem Restoration

Dr. Amy McMillan: Habitat and population ecology of the eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis)

Dr. Alan Rabideau: Hydrologic analysis of a poplar-based phytoremediation system

Dr. Chris Lowry: Wetland and groundwater hydrology study at Tifft Nature Preserve

Dr. D. Scott Mackay: Quantifying stress response in Brassica rapa genotypes

Dr. Richelle Allen-King: Contaminant sorption to sedimentary rocks

Engineering for Sustainability

Dr. John Atkinson: Adsorption properties and air quality applications for novel carbonaceous materials

Dr. Ning Dai: Assessing the potential of algae-derived biomolecules to form disinfection byproducts

Dr. James Jensen: Appropriate technology for sustainable drinking water treatment

Dr. Marina Tsianou: Evaluation of dispersant effectiveness for oil spills

Dr. Diana Aga: Analysis of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting chemicals in agricultural run-off and wastewater samples

University at Buffalo