Analysis of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting chemicals in agricultural run-off and wastewater samples

Advisor: Dr. Diana S. Aga (UB Department of Chemistry)
Other Mentors: none
Primary Activities: Field and lab work

Project Summary: The REU student will learn sample preparation techniques and analysis of environmental samples using liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. The
method will be used to quantify the amounts of pharmaceuticals, such as antibiotics, and endocrine disrupting compounds, such as estrogens, in various environmental
samples. The project will assess the occurrence of these emerging contaminants in agricultural fields upon fertilization with manure or irrigation with recycled water. In
addition, samples from different bioreactors containing wastewater will be analyzed in order to determine treatment efficiencies at various conditions.

Skills/Courses Recommended: Basic knowledge of chemistry
Anticipated Conference Presentation(s): Great Lakes Research Consortium

University at Buffalo