Ecosystem Restoration Practicum

David Blersch (Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering)

Last Offered:
Fall 2010


This course is intended as an applied practicum course for second year trainees of the Ecosystem Restoration through Interdisciplinary Exchange (ERIE) graduate program in which trainees can integrate the theory and practice of ecosystem restoration. In this course, all students will work together on an ongoing regional project, facilitated by one or many ERIE faculty and external partners, as necessary. While the specifics of the class activity depend on the timing and nature of the external project, the course will be structured to address the ERIE themes of assessment, modeling, and management from an interdisciplinary perspective, as applied to a specific regional project. The course structure will be largely self-organized and open-ended, with students forming subgroups and planning groups as necessary to complete a schedule of deliverables for the course and for the external partners.

For the 2009 course, the project will be the development of a watershed restoration plan for a local oxbow wetland site in the town of West Seneca. For more details on the project, click here.

Click here for 2009 Syllabus.