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Alan J. RabideauAlan J. Rabideau

Appointent: Professor of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering

Office:202 Jarvis Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4003

Fax:(716) 645-3667

Email: rabideau at buffalo edu

Home Page:http://www.eng.buffalo.edu/ees/faculty/rabideau/rabideau.html

Research Interests: mathematical modeling of flow and reactive contaminant transport in groundwater, subsurface remediation, and decision and risk analysis for environmental systems


Current Projects:

  • Groundwater restoration using natural zeolite barriers
  • Vapor intrusion at manufactured gas plant sites


Recent Publications:

  • Bandilla, K., Rabideau, A. J., and Jankovic, I. (2008). "A parallel mesh-free multi-solute reactive contaminant transport model based on the Analytic Element Method and the Streamline Method," Advances in Water Resources.
  • Matott, L. S., and Rabideau, A. J. (2008). "Calibration of subsurface reactive transport models involving complex biogeochemical processes," Advances in Water Resources.
  • Rabideau, A. J., Craig, J. R., Silavisesrith, W., Fredrick, D. C., Flewelling, D. M., Jankovic, I., Becker, M. W., Bandilla, K., and Matott, L. S. (2007). "Analytic element modeling of supra-regional groundwater flow: Concepts and tools for automated model configuration," Journal of Hydrologic Engineering.


ERIE related courses:

  • CIE500 Ecological restoration practicum (Fall 2009)

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