Beynan Ransom


204 Jarvis Hall

Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering
beynanra at buffalo dot edu

Research interests

  • Engineering design and hydrologic analysis of phytoremediation barriers
  • Environmental modeling with geographic information systems
  • Life cycle assessment used to manage longterm remediation projects

Personal statement

Beynan Ransom's research interests include the engineering design of phytoremediation barriers and their environmental impacts quantified by Life Cycle Assessment. His interest in remediation of hazardous sites arose from his employment with the Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force, an organization that serves an advisory role to the six nations of the Haudenosaunee. A major challenge for communities adjacent to complex contamination sites is to assess the benefits of longterm treatment options and determining intended future uses of the land that are both protective of society, yet maintain ecologic integrity.

As a founding member of the University at Buffalo chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society he has helped promote the recruitment and retention of students through outreach to local public schools and partnering with other Native American student organizations. He aspires to develop teaching skills through the ERIE supported case studies course and education outreach component that will enhance students’ understanding of indigenous peoples’ teachings and environmental stewardship.


  • B.S. Civil Engineering (Syracuse University, 2010)

  • M.S. Civil Engineering (University at Buffalo, 2013)

Publications / Presentations


  • Ransom, B, Sui, J, Bronner, C, and A Rabideau (2013, October). Performance evaluation of a hybrid poplar phytoremediation barrier: Multiple lines of evidence at a Western New York site restoration. Poster presentation at the 10th International Phytotechnologies Conference, Syracuse, New York.

  • Ransom, B, Sui, J, Bronner, C, and A Rabideau (2013, October). Quantifying hydrologic balance impacts of a Western New York phytoremediation barrier. Presentation to the Middle States Division of the American Association of Geographers, 2013 Fall Meeting, Buffalo, New York.

  • Ransom, B. (2013, October). Protecting Haudenosaunee ecologic and mobility rights. Presentation to the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, Syracuse, New York.

  • Ransom, B. (2013, April). Habitat restoration for reciprocity and language survival. Paper presented at the 9th Annual Indigenous and American Studies Storytellers Conference, Buffalo, New York.

  • Ransom, B. (2013, April). Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the interpretation of pre-disturbance landscapes. Paper presented at the SUNY Landscape across the Disciplines Symposium, Buffalo, New York.

  • Ransom, B. “Water quality effects from flood control dam operation on Onondaga Creek, NY”. Presented at the 22nd annual Great Lakes Research Consortium Student-Faculty Conference, Oswego, NY. (2012, March).