Robert Earle

Robert Earle

155 Park Hall

rjearle at buffalo edu

Research interests

  • Aesthetics
  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Existentialism
  • Feminism
  • Ancient Greek Language and Philosophy

Personal statement

Robert is currently a PhD candidate in the Philosophy Department at SUNY Buffalo.  He is a fourth year graduate student and a second year ERIE IGERT Trainee.  Robert is currently writing his topical paper for his dissertation on the aesthetics of nature.  More specifically, Robert is currently focusing on cognitive/non-cognitive debates in aesthetics as well as the inter-play between the aesthetics of nature and environmental ethics.  He is looking forward to traveling to University of Alberta in the Spring of 2010 to study with Allen Carlson, supported by the ERIE program’s Canadian experience component.  His dissertation advisor is Ken Shockley (UB Philosophy), and Carolyn Korsmeyer (UB Philosophy) and Alan Rabideau (UB Civil, Structural, Environmental Engineering) are also serving on his committee.  For more information about Robert’s research interests and future presentations/publications, please email him at the address above.


  • BA in Philosophy (University of Missouri-St.Louis, 2006)
  • BA in English (University of Missouri- Saint Louis, 2006)
  • Minor: Classical Studies (University of Missouri- Saint Louis, 2006)

Publications / Presentations

Donhauser, J.C., Shockley, K. & Earle, R. (2012, June). Getting real about ecosystem restoration. Paper presented at the Workshop on History and Values in Ecology Restoration: Military to Wildlife Refuges Initiative, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Earle, R. (2007, April).  “Names, Empty Names, and Naming”.  Paper presented at Iowa University Graduate Philosophy Conference.  Iowa University, Iowa City, Iowa.

Earle, R. (2008, April).  “Sexual Identification: Freedom and Facticity”.  Paper presented at Gateway Graduate Philosophy Conference, University of Missouri at Saint Louis,  Saint Louis, Missouri.

Earle, R.  (2008, May).  Commentator to Benjamin Mitchell Yellin's (University of California, Riverside) paper "Disambiguating All-Things-Considered-'Ought'-Statements".  Ohio State University Graduate Conference on Ethics, Columbus, Ohio.

Earle, R. (2009, February 6 and 13).  Led discussion of chapters one and two of Eric Higgs'  book Nature by Design. ERIE IGERT colloquium, SUNY Buffalo, Amherst, New York.

Earle, R. (2009, April).  "Nature and Illusion: Ecological Restoration as Representative Style".  Paper presented at the Tenth Annual Michigan State Graduate Philosophy Conference, East Lansing, MI.

Earle, R.(2009, April).  "Theistic Incentives to Kantian Morality".  Paper presented at Gonzaga University Graduate Philosophy Conference, Spokane, WA.

Earle, R. (2009, July).  “Locke’s On Words Reinterpreted”. Paper presented at Buffalo Logic Colloquium, SUNY Buffalo, Amherst, NY.

Other subsidiary educational participation:

Earle, R.( 2009, June 8 -13).  Summer Environmental Ethics Institute.  Course Participant.  University of Montana.  Missoula, Montana.  For more information: .

Earle, R. (2009, May 18-22).  Case Studies in Science Summer Work Shop.  Course Participant and group presentation with fellow ERIE Trainee’s Nate Drag and Bernie Maciejewski.  Presentation title: “Ecological Restoration thru Interdisciplinary Exchange”.  State University of New York at Buffalo- National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.  For more information: .

Earle, R. (2006, April).  Gateway Graduate Philosophy Conference.  Co-organizer and commentator.  University of Missouri at Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Missouri.