Robin Foster


Wilkeson Quad

Geography-Evolution, Ecology, Behavior Program
robinfos at buffalo edu

Research interests

Conservation Biology, Population Genetics, Aquatic Ecology

Personal statement

I am a life-long native of Western New York and am passionate about conserving local wildlife and habitats.  I have a diverse background, with BA degrees in both elementary education/English and biology.  As an undergraduate, I conducted honors research developing genetic markers for the study of Bald Eagles and Belted Kingfishers.  In 2006, I completed my MA at Buffalo State, studying the population trends of a declining species of salamander – the Eastern Hellbender.   Since that time, I have continued my involvement with hellbender conservation as part of the New York State Hellbender Recovery Team.  I also spent several years as the coordinator of a local environmental education program through Audubon New York, teaching elementary school children about conservation and environmental science through the study of birds.

I am excited to be continuing my research on Eastern Hellbenders as a PhD student in the ERIE program.  I am interested in examining the factors affecting this species’ distribution in New York and prioritizing the many threats that need to addressed for hellbender conservation.  This is a multidisciplinary endeavor, as hellbenders may be affected by a variety of factors, including chemical contaminants, sedimentation, stream alteration, riparian deforestation, and direct action by humans.  My methods involve a combination of ecological field surveys, historical ecology, population genetics, and species distribution modeling.  In addition, I hope to put my education background to use for hellbender conservation by developing an educational outreach program to support current conservation efforts for New York State’s hellbenders.


  • BA Elementary Education/English Concentration (Canisius College 1996)

  • BA Biology (Buffalo State College 2004)

  • MA Biology (Buffalo State College 2006)



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