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Alan J. RabideauSean J. Bennett

Appointent: Professor in Geography

Office:105 Wilkeson Quadrangle

Phone: (716) 645-0490

Fax:(716) 646-2329

Email: seanb at buffalo edu

Home Page:http://www.geog.buffalo.edu/~seanb/bennett.htm

Research Interests: sediment transport mechanics, gully erosion, reservoir sedimentation, and watershed processes


Current Projects:

  • Morphodynamics of actively migrating headcuts in rills and gullies (NSF)
  • Assessing sedimentation issues in flood control reservoirs (U.S. Department of Agriculture)


Recent Publications:

  • Gordon, L. M., Bennett, S. J., Alonso, C. V., and Bingner, C. V. (2008). "Modeling long-term soil losses on agricultural fields due to ephemeral gully erosion," Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 63(4), 173-181.
  • Bennett, S. J., Wu, W., Alonso, C. V., and Wang, S. S. Y. (2008). "Modeling fluvial response to in-stream woody vegetation: Implications for stream corridor restoration," Earth Surface Processes and Landforms,33, 890-909.
  • Jiménez-Hornero, F. J., Giráldez, J. V., Laguna, A. M., Bennett, S. J., and Alonso, C. V. (2007). "Modeling the effects of emergent vegetation on an open channel flow using a lattice model," International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 55:655-672.
  • Bennett, S. J., and Rhoton, F. E. (2007). "Reservoir sedimentation and environmental degradation: Assessing trends in sediment-associated trace elements in Grenada Lake, MS," Journal of Environmental Quality, 36:815-826.


ERIE related courses:

  • GEO 504 Ecosystem Restoration Practices

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