Following the second year of doctoral study, ERIE Trainees will engage in one or more of the professional internships offered by the external partners listed in the Table below. The potential internships emphasize, but are not limited to, participation in ongoing restoration projects. Sponsors represent a spectrum of perspectives that include U.S government (USACE, USDA), State government (NYSDEC), citizen groups (Buffalo/Niagara Riverkeeper, Nature Conservancy), science education (Buffalo Museum of Science, Sea Grant), Native American (Tuscarora, St. Regis Mohawk, and Seneca environmental programs), and Canadian government (Canadian consulate and various agency partners).

In addition to the external internships, some ERIE interns will work with the State of the Region (SOR) project administered by UB’s Regional Institute. The SOR program was initiated in 1998 to monitor the Buffalo/Niagara region's performance in key areas, including the environment. By providing objective and timely data on critical issues, the project serves as a reliable base of information to guide policy action and encourage long-range planning in the region. By participating, ERIE Trainees will deepen their understanding of the public policy implications of their work, and accelerate the application of new developments in ecosystem assessment. It is expected that Trainees who base their internship on the SOR publications will devote a significant portion of their doctoral research to the assessment theme.



Buffalo/Niagara River Keeper

Maureen Mayer

Buffalo Museum of Science, Tift Nature Preserve

Karen Wallace

Ecology & Environment, Inc.

Paul Fuhrmann

New York State (NYS) Sea Grant

Helen Domske

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Joseph Galati

NYS Department of Transportation

David Tackley

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Environment Division

Tony David

Seneca Nation of Indians Environmental Program

Sylvia Patterson

Tuscarora Environment Program

Neil Patterson, Jr.

USACE Engineer Res. and Development Center

David Derrick

USACE Buffalo District

Anthony Friona

US Fish & Wildlife Service

Kofi Fynn-Aikins

USDA National Sedimentation Laboratory


USDA National Resources Conservation Service

Robert Remillard

James A. Zaepfel Nature Sanctuary and Res. Center

Rick LeFeber

TBD = to be determined