Engineering for Ecosystem Restoration:
University at Buffalo Summer Workshop Series 2010

Hosted by the UB Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

The 2010 workshop agenda and 2010 syllabus (for those using the workshop for academic credit) are available for a reference.

The 2010 summer program consisted of a series of three-day component workshops and three two-day training modules that emphasized the science and practice of ecosystem restoration. Taught by leading experts and practitioners in the fields of ecosystem restoration, riverine and Great Lakes ecology, fluvial geomorphology, and environmental modeling, the workshops provided training in theoretical and applied concepts of ecosystem restoration, reinforced through intensive field activities (site visits, sampling techniques) at nationally-recognized stream restoration projects in western New York. The training modules focused on tools and techniques related to stream and ecosystem restoration. The workshops were sponsored by the University at Buffalo (UB)’s ERIE Program (, Great Lakes Program (, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering (, and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (


Workshops (click on the title for a description of the workshop/module)

Week 1:June 7-11, 2010

Training Module 1 (June 7 and 8): Distributed Temperature Sensing for Stream Hyporheic Exchange

Workshop 1 (June 9 - 11): River Processes, Fluvial Geomorphology and Channel Processes

Week 2: June 14-18, 2010

Workshop 2 (June 14-16):Stream Restoration, Hydraulic Structure, Biological Assessment and Bioengineering Design

Training Module 2 (June 15 and 16): Water Quality and Stream Flow Sensing

Week 3: June 21-25, 2010

Workshop 3 (June 21-23): Ecology and Hydrology for the Lower Great Lakes

Training Module 3 (June 24 and 25): Modeling for Environmental and Ecological Problem-Solving


Contact Information

For further information, please contact David Blersch, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260; phone (716) 645-4001, fax (716) 645-3667; email dblersch at buffalo edu.


Updated 9/2010